Original Artwork

Original Artwork

PRICING GUIDELINES (excluding shipping and taxes)

Small Abstracts and Monotypes (framed or mounted on board)   $275 - $375   

Large Abstracts     $275 (unframed on w/c paper)   $350 - $550 (framed or mounted on birch board)

Traditional Paintings  prices vary widely based on size, frame/no-frame, medium, etc.   $100 - $450

Urban Sketches are fun and affordable for everyone. Visit Co-Art Gallery in Staunton, VA. There's always a bin full of my local sketches there, or I can also ship them. Commissions for Staunton sketches are welcomed.

Most acrylic works are currently framed or mounted on birch board and ready to hang. As necessary, some work, like watercolor or pastels, are matted and framed under plexiglass. 

Unless otherwise marked SOLD or NFS, all artwork is for sale. Contact me initially by email for more information . . .